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Hand painted tiles | Spanish style Kitchen

Spent the last month playing with decorative hand painted tiles for a Spanish style Kitchen backsplash. With all of the pretty patterns, the hardest part for my client and I was choosing just one.

At the backsplash we chose a decorative 6x6 Talavera Mexican ceramic tile for the focal accent above the cooktop. We selected a 6x6 matte Paper White ceramic tile as our field tile throughout the Kitchen to keep the space crisp an bright. We also chose to install the tile diagonally to avoid any imperfections in lining up the edges during installation.

To complement the colorful Spanish tile we plan to lacquer the new Kitchen cabinets a playful mint-grey Silver Fox color by Dunn Edwards. I've suggested a Caesar Stone Quartz for the countertops in the Frosty Carrina finish which will add light texture.

This week we've officially began demolition. After framing and electrical fixes, we finally begin installing cabinets and tile materials. Can't wait to see the Spanish tiles make this Kitchen come to life!

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