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Pattern Trendy Bath Reveal

A patterned floor seems to be the current tile trend with clients these days. Here is last months bathroom renovation in Downtown Long Beach, that screams pattern! Scroll down for the amazing after photos.

We started with reworking the layout of the bathroom to accommodate a double vanity, walk-in shower, freestanding bath tub, and lastly a side-by-side laundry to include a countertop space.

We decided the bath/laundry room flooring would be the focal point of the space using a patterned cement tile. We luckily found a fun pattern porcelain tile on Wayfair - Artea in dark gray/white that gave us the look of a cement tile but the benefits of a porcelain tile for every day use.

We used narrow white subway tiles in porcelain with a white grout for the shower and tub walls.

The client wanted modern, sleek, and simplicity in the plumbing fixtures, which were also found on Wayfair.

The flooring transitions almost seamlessly into the walk-in shower and freestanding tub at the end of the room.

Aside from the mesmerizing flooring tile, my second favorite part of the bathroom is the dark ebony black cabinetry. We custom built a double sink vanity and base enclosure to house the side-by-side washer/dryer. The dark lacquer finish blends in nicely with the flooring, picking up on the darkest color in the tile.

A quartz countertop and backsplash was installed at the double vanity, as well as atop the washer/dryer base for a functional laundry workspace.

Three (3) modern sconce lights were installed at mirror sides.

Too cute! We had an audience while photographing his new bathroom.

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