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Powder Bath Reveal | Jaguars on Green

I love when clients go BOLD! While working on their master bathroom renovation, and a few common areas in the house (kitchen cabinets, the living space, closets, fireplace facelift), my client

decided to give their Powder Bathroom an upgrade as well, and the upgrade included adding a fun, colorful vibe to the bathroom that was unlike any other room in the house.

The plan was to demo the Powder Bath’s shower walls and floors, paint, replace shower plumbing fixtures while keeping the existing vanity, toilet, and accessories.

We used the same Carrara White by Dal Tile marble series we were using at the time in the Master Bathroom but instead ordered a fun hexagon mosaic for the flooring and simple 12x24 marble tiles for the shower walls.

While the Carrara marble is gorgeous on its own, the jaguar on green wallpaper steals the show! The Tropical Jaguar by Nouvea Bohemian, available on Etsy, has such a presence in the room don’t you think?! All the credit goes to my very-fun client for her choice in wallpaper selection. LOVE how colorful, how eccentric, how bold this wallpaper is!

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