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The Cutest Kitchen Window Corner

This Kitchen window nook is one of my favorite moments of this Client’s Kitchen in Long Beach, Ca. The cutest corner! This behind-the-door nook space was an added bonus area when finalizing the Kitchen layout. Here's it's story..

At first the existing window placement in that corner of the room was an inconvenience when space planning the Kitchen layout. First, keeping us from placing the refrigerator in the corner. Second, to let sufficient light come through we had to center the refrigerator and add a narrow pantry on that wall which created a dead space at front of the window. Third, the bottom of the window frame finished at roughly 35"H, lower than the standard countertop height so anything there would have to be shorter than standard. SO we built a lower cabinet for that space, continued the Quartz countertop but finished at 33"H and added Subway tile in that same corner of the room.

And just like that, this empty dead space became my favorite space! We made use of the space by adding a built-in microwave cabinet and a deep drawer for cooking tray storage, another added bonus!

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