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Quartz tops

Quartz is my top recommendation to Client’s when building their new Kitchen and Bath’s. My go-to for countertop surfaces. It's benefits in durability and appearance goes above and beyond when compared to most other materials. Below I’ve listed my top three reasons for using Quartz material for countertops. 

Calacatta Lassa 

1.) It is one of the best choices out there in terms of maintenance because of its non-porous characteristic. Resisting staining much better than the usual choice in tops; granite, marble and concrete. 

2.) It’s non-porous surface means bacteria, or viruses, free which is a plus with families. 

3.) Each slab is manufactured to look its best, making the product one of the most attractive on the market. Whereas other one-of-a-kind stone slabs can vary in size, shape, color, movement, and characteristics. 

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